A little bit of Dan and Phil in my life, a little bit of band pics by my side (ok maybe a lot). A little bit of Nutella is all I need, a little bit of disney is what I see. A little bit of Harry Potter in the sun, a little bit of text posts all night long. A little bit of cats and a random dog, a little bit of these makes this my blog (And a little description song because my old description was boring :D )


i think frank brought his dog to make this video a little less awkward

Harry Potter tumblr style // inspired by (x)

Track: Sunsets Are For Muggings

Artist: Leathermouth

Album: XO

Plays: 20

My song for Tune Tuesday this week is this,  because I can never get tired of Frank screaming about his feelings.



I love stage Frank

why is this so hot

lindsey making faces [+ -]


Gerard is 37, Pete is 35, Patrick is 30, and Brendon is 27.

If you put that in a different perspective, when Gerard was a senior, Pete was a sophomore, Patrick was in 5th grade, and Brendon was in 2nd.

Things my heart used to know, things it yearns to remember.


i took this
i was this close